Leo (or Kimba as he was known in some of the English dubs) is the son of Caesar and Snowene. He is the main character and hero of the Jungle Emperor series who, in the original manga, is followed from birth to death. He believes that there would be peace between animals and humans if they both understood each other.

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  • Kimba is being scared of Lyre Raging at him.
  • Kimba been made in story sketches by Larry Clemmons, Ken Anderson, Ralph Wright, Winston Hibler, John Walbridge, Dick Huemer, Tom Oreb, Xavier Atencio, Homer Brightman, Milt Banta, Bill Berg, Eldon Dedini, Leo Salkin, William Cottrell, Harry Reeves, Joe Rinaldi, Don DaGrandi, Lance Nolley, Del Connell & Bill Peet were all Walt Disney's storymen to create the idea by using imagination and developing the story and characters. disney artists follow and performing the animation, fairytales have turn into a magical movies ever told. and brought to life some of thoughts remembering moments and the parade magical Disney Characters, they even use movies staring Animals, artists determined to use others like dinosaurs, monsters, aliens, gargoyles, demons, sea monsters, prehistoric creatures, kaijus, and surreal characters.
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