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List of Movie Spoofs:[]

  1. The Aristocats (Duchess Style) (1st)
  2. Fievel the Woodpile Mouse (2nd)
  3. Beauty and the Jungle Emperor 1 (3rd)
  4. O'Malley Claus is Coming to Town (Duchess Style) (4th)
  5. The Secret of NIMH (Duchess Human Style) (5th)
  6. The Great Pokemon Trainer Detective (6th)
  7. The Secret of NIMH 2: Astro to the Rescue (7th)
  8. O'Malleyladdin (8th)
  9. Duchlina (9th)
  10. Bonkers D. Bobcat (aka Frosty the Snowman) (10th)
  11. The Chipmunk of Notre Dame (11th)
  12. Emmy: Lost in Paris
  13. Milesladdin (Duchess Style)
  14. Banjo and The Giant Peach
  15. Super Youkai Watchers Bros.
  16. The Witches (Duchess Style)
  17. The Pokémon Trainer King (Duchess Style)

List of TV Spoofs:[]

  1. Sailor Duchess (1st)
  2. Astro Rai (1980)

Low Pitched Videos:[]

  • Between the Lions Theme Song Low Tone (F-Major)

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